My First WordCamp

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first WordCamp in Miami. WordCamp is a volunteer driven conference that focuses on the use of WordPress. WordPress is used in the development of websites. My fiancé Adam is a freelance web developer. Adam encouraged me to go with him and begin to learn the basics of WordPress so I can assist him with his business Impossibly Creative. I have a business and education background but know little to nothing about computers let alone developing websites. I have watched him code and, no offense to him or anyone else that does that job, to me it looks incredibly boring.

Adam signed me up for the beginner’s workshop and honestly I did not know what to expect. I was really nervous that I would be the only person who had no idea what was going on. I reluctantly went to the workshop with my computer in hand. I had very low expectations for myself.

Beginner’s Workshop

At the beginning of the workshop the speakers told the room that we would all be creating a live website by the end of the day. I thought to myself NO WAY! How on earth am I going to do that? I went through the steps and surprisingly it wasn’t that hard. I’m not claiming to be a web developing genius because I am far from it but I actually created a website. It wasn’t the best but for not knowing much of anything to creating a semi decent website was a big feat for me.

I was Inspired

Over the course of the weekend I attended various talks about WordPress, blogs, and podcasts. I was truly inspired. I created a website and had no real purpose for it. But after hearing about blogs most of the weekend I decided why not. So here we are on my brand new website with my very first blog post.

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. I plan on writing about my experiences using WordPress along with my expertise in Social Media and tips and tricks to grow your business. Please feel free to comment and contact me on social media. I really want to hear what you think of my journey so far.


  1. Lindsey,

    I enjoyed reading your first blog post. It was real and well-written. I’m interested to read more.

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