Starting My Beauty Journey With Lashes

I started my beauty blogging journey a few weeks ago. I wrote last time about how I fell into a pattern and lost myself along the way. I took on the stereotypical mom look. I don’t want to downplay being a mom because being a mom is wonderful. I just didn’t want to “look” like one.

I am 38 years old but I feel a lot younger than that and I wanted that to a certain extent to reflect in my look. I want to be a good role model for my girls and show them you can be a great mom, have a career, and look good while doing it. I was always stopping myself from doing what I wanted to. I convinced myself that whatever it was was dumb and not worth digging into. I didn’t want to be like that anymore so I am starting my beauty journey with lashes.

Me with my natural lashes

On my journey through the world of beauty, I decided to try something I never thought I would. But really the whole point of the journey is to try things I normally wouldn’t. So I jumped in headfirst and tried lashes. 

Searching For The Perfect Look

The perfect look to me includes a great outfit, sexy hair, and fierce eye make-up. I love a good eye shadow, eye liner, and a big full lash mix. I am happy with how my eye shadow and liner skills are progressing. I have started experimenting with different looks and I’m really happy with how much better I am getting at it. But the big full lash has eluded me all these years.

Starting My Beauty Journey With Lashes

I have been trying for YEARS to get that big full lash look. I bought all different kinds of mascara in hopes that it would improve my lash situation. I have decent lashes and I probably could have enhanced them a little more with a lash curler and mascara but that wasn’t the look I was going for. I wanted the look that a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian have. The smoky eye and big, full, long lashes. So since I’m on this journey I decided why not let’s try false lashes.

Huda Beauty Hoodie #23 Lashes

So I took a trip to Sephora and began exploring my options. The sales associate, Raul was great he showed me all kinds of lashes. I was convinced I need the biggest and most full ones they had to achieve the perfect look. If I was doing this I was doing this! I settled on Huda Beauty Hoodie #23 lashes. The lashes were $19 plus $12 for lash adhesive. They are very dramatic and full. I was excited for sure to try out this new look.

I am starting my beauty journey with lashes.
First application of the Hoodie lashes

The next day I went for it. I did exactly what the sales associate told me to do; apply the glue, wait for it to be tacky, look down, and apply the lashes. Wow! Is all I can say. They were big, full, and dramatic exactly what I was looking for. But they weren’t everyday lashes. I couldn’t exactly wear those to work and not looking like I was trying to hard.

The Hoodie lashes at least to me are more of a special occasion lash. They were excellent quality and realistic looking. I loved the way my eyes popped wearing them. One downside was that they were a little on the heavy end and I could for sure tell I was wearing them. 

Not Everyday Wear

I loved the Hoodie lashes but I wanted a pair I could wear everyday. On a trip to Target of all places I stopped to look at what they had to offer and I found Promagnetic lashes by EYLURE London. I could not wrap my head around the magnetic part but I decided to go ahead and do it. The lashes stick to your eye with a magnetic eyeliner. I am really good at putting on eyeliner so I figured how hard could it be. 

Promagnetic lashes by EYLURE London

The next day I tried them and fell in love! I’m absolutely loving the Promagnetic lashes. They were cheaper than the Hoodie lashes at only $10.79. The liner is black and easy to apply. The lashes are a great length and still make my eyes pop. I’m just sad I didn’t discover them earlier. The liner is great too because I was wearing that anyway and now it serves more of a purpose. The liner acts as a line to place the lashes on which makes it easier to place them properly.

I wore the lashes all day at Disney World three days in a row. They are lightweight and I barely feel them when I’m wearing them. I did learn that extra liner needs to be applied on both ends of your eye to prevent the lashes from coming up later in the day. I even got stuck in an afternoon Florida downpour and the EYLURE lashes stayed put.

Even in a downpour the EYLURE lashes stayed put

Overall Thoughts

I have to say I am loving false lashes. They are giving the look and confidence I was lacking before. I don’t have to try as hard to achieve the look I wanted to have. I recently added glasses to my look because I’m farsighted and the lashes are still making my eyes pop behind them.

Me in my new glasses

I’m not saying that buying a cosmetic has made me feel better about myself but it helped me get the look I have always wanted. I don’t wear them every day. Some days I’m lazy and don’t wear make-up period but I do wear them quite a bit. Lashes are a special treat just for me. I recommend that you find a special treat for yourself too and don’t feel bad about indulging in it.